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Welcome to TECH41. Thank you for visiting us.

Our company's goal to increase financial inclusion globally is based on three key technologies: 
blockchain, cloud and mobile.

I am an industry veteran and gained considerable experience in these three key areas, from building mobile based taxi systems for Radio Taxi London to leading architecture for the Enterprise Cloud Platform for American Express in Silicon Valley to consulting DZ Bank Group/Fiducia with Red Hat in 2021, for more infos please check linkedin.

At TECH41 we aim to provide excellent consultancy services in blockchain, cloud and mobile to our clients. We work with a growing team of freelancers, all experts in their respective fields.

Emerging blockchain technologies also known as 'Crypto' will have a huge impact on how we will manage finance in the near future, may it be in hybrid cloud using permissioned blockchains or decentralized using DeFi pattern.


At TECH41 we aim to help our customers in the transition into a world of cloud-native architectures and decentralized finance.


Today we invest in Dao, DeFi,  NFT, permissioned or permissionless and private/public blockchains, Ethereum Smart Contracts based on Solidity and the Polkadot Smart Contract Platforms. We are building blue prints and best practices to help you to deploy and operate multi-layer secured blockchain architectures in private and public cloud as well as the design of decentralized mobile applications based on DeFi pattern.

My customers are typically Telcos or Financial Institutions, for example Orange, Vodafone, Fujitsu Siemens, Swisscom, American Express, VW, DZ Bank and ING Bank as well as SMEs and small business.

Thank you for your consideration, please reach out to schedule a call.    

Kind regards,


Germany, 08/15/2021

Mathias Dietrich, Managing Director.


TECH41 company values

  • Do good

  • Earn trust

  • Be fast

  • Strive for simplicity

  • Foster diversity and inclusion

  • Show empathy

  • Work without borders​

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